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The law in Canada recognizes, rightfully, that anyone under the age of 18 that is charged with a criminal offence must be treated different from adults.

Young persons are protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act (“YCJA”) , which states that members of society share responsibility in addressing the developmental challenges that they face. It describes a special set of procedures and laws that deal with everything from the taking of statements, trial procedures, and sentencing. A primary focus of the YCJA is promoting a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Young people run into difficulties for all kinds of reasons. At school, charges result from administrators calling the police, rather than dealing with matters internally. Other times, the driving force can be a negative peer group, a misunderstanding, or the result of youthful a mistake.

In this unique area of the law, having an experienced youth justice lawyer on your family’s side can ensure the rights and future of your son or daughter are protected.

I have proudly assisted young persons and their families navigate the justice system for over 20 years. In many circumstances, negotiations with the Crown attorney can lead to a disposition that involves no record or even a complete withdrawal of the charges.

An essential step in obtaining a positive result is putting in the time and energy to gather as much information as possible respecting the circumstances of the allegation and the background of the young person.

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I will meet with your family, answer your questions and identify strategies for the best possible result for your son or daughter, including.

  • Conducting a full interview to understand the youth’s perspective on the allegations. This not only provides insight into what the youth is thinking, but what their level of involvement was, if any. Although I believe everyone has good intentions, it happens that school staff or the police jump to conclusions before getting the full story. This is especially important where the allegations involve a group, which creates the perfect storm for a less than accurate accounting of the events and client’s level of involvement.
  • Obtaining a full report as to your child’s background and good character that can assist the Crown and judge in their decision making. In certain circumstances, we will involve community organizations to assist in this process. The Crown may decide, after obtaining a full report on your child’s circumstances, not to proceed with the charges.
  • Identifying issues with the procedures followed by the police, which violated the YCJA or the constitutional rights of your son or daughter. For example, did the authorities contact the parents before speaking to the youth? Was the search of the youth or their belongings compliant with the law?

Richard is always available to meet with you and your family to discuss the specifics of the case and answer any questions.

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Richard acts for youths facing criminal charges in TorontoMississaugaBramptonOshawa, Barrie, Hamilton, Newmarket and throughout Southern Ontario.

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