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T. S. M.

“If you need legal representation I strongly recommend that you retain Richard Fedorowicz. I wouldn’t be able to write this review right now if it wasn’t for him and his excellent critical thinking skills. I got arrested in a huge Guns and Gang raid. I was potentially facing double digit years in jail. When I was first arrested I hired a different lawyer and I couldn’t even get bail. I then fired that lawyer and hired Richard, as soon as I did that things immediately took a turn for the better. I ended up getting bail, then beating all of my serious charges. So if you’re looking for a smart dedicated hard working lawyer then Richard Fedorowicz is your guy.”

S. W.

“I first met Richard about 10 years ago in 2009 when he was handling a case for a family member. My older brother would always tell me how his lawyer was the best in Toronto (everybody says that). Richard had beat all the charges my brother was facing. I reached out to my brother for Richard’s phone number when I was facing charges. It was the best decision I ever made. Ten years later, Richard is still my lawyer. He is very understanding. At first I had no money to pay, him but he still took my case and got me off my charges clean as a whistle. Later, when I had my own money, he was still always understanding when I was not able to pay on time. He would still take care of my case, and over time I would pay him little by little when I had the money. He dealt with me like a family member, always giving me advice, always calling and checking up on me, even when I had no case ongoing. I would recommend him to any and everybody because he cares about people, and not just the money or case at hand. He goes above and beyond. Ten years later I would still reach out to Richard for any legal matter, even if its just for advice on a an issue that is not in his field. I have never been convicted of any charges while using Richard as my lawyer and that speaks volumes. He is definitely the guy you want handling your legal matters!!”

R. M.

“I was charged and arrested with a DUI and blew 1.37 over the legal limit at the police station. I am a professional truck driver immediately thought my career was over. Richard was highly recommended to me by a close friend so I called him and set an initial meeting. In that meeting he was thorough, knowledgeable, and confident. Everything you need in a good lawyer. Throughout the entire process Richard kept reassuring me that everything was under control and I trusted him. He is very accessible for any random questions or concerns. All my expectations were surpassed. My was case was dismissed and I couldn’t of asked for a better result. Me and my family are truly grateful for all your hard work. I highly recommend Richard and his law firm.”


“Richard made me felt at ease when I was at the toughest period of my life. He was confident, intelligent and compassionate throughout his dealings with me. No matter the time of day, he would promptly answer any questions I had. I hope I never have to go through another difficult saga such as this in my life, but if I do, I will be calling Richard with no hesitation.”


“Just saying thank you does not seem nearly enough. I hope you understand what a difference this makes in my life. God bless you and again I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


“Richard put his blood, sweat and tears into my case. He always contacted me before every court appearance as well as set up meetings to make sure we were on the same page. I highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for a defence lawyer.”


“I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the legal representation that I received from Richard Fedorowicz. Since the beginning of my legal troubles, that I was unjustly thrown into, he assured me that he will work hard to have my matter resolved in a timely fashion, and he continuously displayed confidence and eagerness in having my case resolved. He constantly encouraged me to remain positive, although it was difficult for me to remain hopeful after what I had been through.

I received frequent updates and feedback from Mr. Fedorowicz about the matter that was before the courts, and as he assured me, he fought to have my charges withdrawn, which to much of mine and my family’s surprise, was expedited in just 8 months. Thanks to Richard Fedorowicz, I can now breathe, I can continue to pursue my career without legal issues looming over my head, and he has restored my faith in the justice system. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of legal representation. I am extremely impressed with his work ethic and compassion for his clients, and I am eternally grateful that this was the man that represented me. No words can express how much I appreciate the work he did on my behalf. Thank you for giving me back my freedom.”


“When I first met Richard for the initial consultation on my case (DUI), I immediately felt comfortable and by the time the consultation was done, I was confident in his ability to win my case. Richard was very accommodating and flexible with our meetings and was prepared with all the facts and arguments when the time came. I put the outcome of my future into Richard’s hands and he didn’t disappoint – we won my case and I was able to put it all behind me and move forward with ease. From the very beginning, I could see the passion and dedication Richard has for his work and he does what is right and best for his clients which is so important when someone’s future is at stake and that’s why I knew I made the right decision with Richard.”


“I felt very privileged to have had Mr. Fedorowicz represent me as a client.

Through out the court process I had several meetings with him. All of which were very informative, thorough and productive. He was professional at all times.

During the court proceedings I found Mr. Fedorowicz to be very knowledgeable and resourceful. This proved him to be a very effective defense attorney.

We won our case. Mr. Fedorowicz did an exceptional job resulting in the best possible outcome!”


“Richard is one of the best lawyers around, if not the best!

He has successfully represented my family and myself for well over ten years.

Richard is great a communicator.

He listens well, he is straight forward, super honest, extremely sensible and resourceful.

Everyone that I have recommended him to has had nothing but positive results.

Thanks Richard”


“It’s been with deep appreciation for defending my DUI case and winning it. You provided me with clear understanding on how the case will pursue and you treated me with all respect. Continue to serve your client with utmost care and professionalism. Thank you for putting myself back God Bless !!!”


“Last year, a family member recommended Mr. Fedorowicz to me as I was charged with a serious offensive.

Mr. Fedorowicz demonstrated professionalism throughout the the matter. He was very friendly, non judgemental and most importantly knowledgeable around the law. He represented me very well in court and fortunately his hard work paid off as my case was withdrawn.

I would recommend Mr. Fedorowicz to anyone who is seeking legal representation.”


“Richard is the most professional lawyer you can get. He is smart and funny when he thinks your stressing he will make you feel more comfortable about everything. He saved my life and I would refer everyone to him. If you choose him you will not be disappointed!”

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