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Richard Fedorowicz has practiced exclusively as Toronto criminal defence lawyer since 2001. In that time, he has gained the knowledge and expertise to successfully defend a number of criminal charges.

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Domestic Assault

When faced with domestic allegations, you need an experienced domestic assault lawyer on your side, who knows the law, strategies and tactics necessary to defend your rights.

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Impaired Driving

Richard has successfully assisted individuals defend impaired driving offences since 2001. He will meet with you one-on-one to review the evidence, answer your questions and identify strategies for a successful result.

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If facing firearm related charges, you should look for a lawyer who has an expertise in this complex area of the law, understand the licensing regulatory framework, and can identify police constitutional violations that can lead to a successful defence.

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Criminal Organization

Richard has extensive experience assisting individuals and their families charged with criminal organization offences. He has acted for clients charged in police projects cases, including, “XXX”, “Sizzle”, “CBG”, “Patton”, and “Renner”.

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Drug Offences

For over 20 years, Richard has successfully represented individuals facing drug charges, from first time defendants, professionals, and students.

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Sexual Assault

Richard has acted for clients charged with sexual misconduct offences since 2001. He will leave no stone unturned to ensure that your good name is restored.

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Internet Offences

To say the least, this is complex area of the law. Your representative should have a firm understanding of the law of evidence and has the ability to identify police constitutional violations.

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Robbery & Violent Crime

Richard has successfully represented individuals charged with violent offences since 2001, from first time defendants, professional, students, and youth.

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Youth Charges

In this unique area of the law, having an experienced youth justice lawyer on your family’s side can ensure the rights and future of your son or daughter are protected.

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Fraud/Financial Crime

Allegation of financial impropriety often involve complex legal issues. Your representative should have a firm understanding of the law of evidence and more.

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Being accused of theft is extremely upsetting and embarrassing. Typical charges include theft, possession of stolen property, and break and enter.

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Bail Hearing

If you are under investigation, or someone you know has been arrested, you need to speak to a bail hearing lawyer as soon as possible.

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