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Common Robbery & Violent Crime Charges

Allegation of a violent nature can obviously arise in a variety of situations. Common charges include:

  • Robbery
  • Threatening Death
  • Assault with a Weapon
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Weapon Offences

Any charge that involves violence is treated seriously, particularly if a weapon or injury results. The consequence can range from a discharge, a criminal record and even jail. For certain individuals, especially persons charged for the first time, the collateral consequences of being found guilty can be worse than the sentence issued by the judge. For example, a conviction can negatively impact present or future employment and restrict your ability to travel, particularly to the United States.

Since the nature of the allegations are so different, it is essential that you meet with a representative immediately to discuss the specifics of your case. Issues that may need to be addressed include whether there are witnesses that need to be interviewed or video evidence secured before it is erased.

Richard has successfully represented individuals charged with violent offences since 2001, from first time defendants, professionals, students, and youth.

In certain circumstances, Richard can negotiate with the prosecutor for a complete withdrawal of the charges.

Winning Strategies & Defences

If the matter goes to trial, Richard has a long history of identifying winning strategies and defences, including:

  • That the court cannot trust the complainant’s evidence
  • Whether the Crown has established identity
  • Is there evidence the item was a weapon as defined by the Criminal Code?
  • That the other party was the aggressor and his client acted in self-defence

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