• R. V. S.H. (TORONTO)
    • Allegations: Police execute search warrant at S.H.’s residence. Locate loaded firearm, in addition to a large quantity of heroin and cocaine.
    • Defence Strategy: Application filed asserting violations of S.H.’s constitutional rights. That search was unlawful because the police misled the issuing justice and that the warrant was granted without reasonable grounds.
    • Result: Application granted. Trial judge agrees with defence counsel that S.H’s Charter rights were violated and all evidence must be excluded. All charges dismissed.
  • R. V. J.F. (TORONTO)
    • Allegations: During traffic stop, police located quantity of drugs in centre console of vehicle.
    • Defence Strategy: Argue that police search of the vehicle was unlawful in violation of J.F.’s constitutional rights.
    • Result: Charges withdrawn by Crown without need for trial.
  • R. V. D. S. (TORONTO)
    • Allegations: Client charged with conspiracy to import large quantity of cocaine through airport.
    • Defence Strategy: Application to stay charges based on violation of client’s right to be tried within a reasonable time as mandated by s. 11(b) of the Charter of Rights.
    • Result: Charges stayed by trial judge.
  • R. V. A. S. (TORONTO)
    • Allegations: Client charged with trafficking in cocaine.
    • Defence Strategy: Establish that police search of A.S. violated his constitutional rights.
    • Result: Charges withdrawn by Crown prior to trial.
  • R. V. D.L. (NEWMARKET)
    • Allegations: Police locate drugs and firearm within vehicle that D.L. was driving during a traffic stop.
    • Defence Strategy: File application to exclude evidence based on police racial profiling of D.L. in violation of his constitutional rights.
    • Result: Charges withdrawn by Crown prior to trial.
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