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Fedorowicz Law is the leading Internet Crime Lawyer in Oshawa, offering top-tier legal services for clients dealing with any Internet crime-related issue. With extensive experience in this field, our team of highly skilled professionals provides reliable advice and results-driven legal solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. From cyber fraud and identity theft to Internet harassment and other crimes, Fedorowicz Law makes sure that every case is thoroughly defended against until the best outcome has been achieved. If you’re looking for legal representation from a trustworthy Internet Crime Lawyer in Oshawa – look no further than Fedorowicz Law.

Criminal lawyer Oshawa
Criminal lawyer Oshawa

Experienced Internet Crime Lawyer Oshawa

Fedorowicz Law is a trusted Internet Crime Lawyer in Oshawa who is uniquely equipped to provide comprehensive legal advice and services relating to Internet crimes. With decades of experience in Internet-related legal matters and a dedicated approach to problem solving, we have the knowledge and ability to formulate creative solutions that our clients’ needs. Fedorowicz Law provides the individualised attention you deserve during your Internet crime case, ensuring that your rights are defended and all aspects of the proceedings are meticulously handled. They will work with you every step of the way, keeping you informed about the process as it moves forward. Put your trust in Fedorowicz Law to give you the tireless service, accurate advice, and aggressive representation needed for each Internet crime case.

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What To Do If You Are Charged with an Internet Crime in Oshawa?

If you have been charged with an Internet crime in Oshawa, then it is highly recommended that you enlist the help of a qualified Internet Crime Lawyer like Fedorowicz Law who is experienced with navigating cases involving Internet-based offences. An Internet crime lawyer in Oshawa will have extensive knowledge and experience with the local laws and any federal regulations associated, as well as deep understanding of the Internet and its many complexities. As Internet crimes can be both complex and nuanced, it is paramount that an experienced Internet crime lawyer Oshawa be sought immediately, who can build your defence strategy and fight for a fair outcome to your case.

Why Hire Fedorowicz Law for Internet Crime Defence?

Fedorowicz Law is the Internet Crime Lawyer to trust in the Oshawa area. With a depth of knowledge and understanding on internet crimes, we provide clients with informed service to craft their case. Drawing upon our experience in internet crime investigation through court defence, legal consultation and other related services, Fedorowicz Law offers tailored solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. We apply expertise-driven tactics and transparent communication direct our efforts towards attaining your desired outcomes. Place your trust in Fedorowicz Law when seeking Internet Crime Defence in Oshawa as we are experts in this specific field of law with years of experience.

Call an Experienced Computer Crime Lawyer To Help

When it comes to Internet crime cases, an experienced lawyer is essential. Fedorowicz Law is an Internet Crime Lawyer in Oshawa with a long career of success in the field. He has expertise in Internet Crimes, Cyber World Offences and many other areas related to Internet crimes. No matter the severity or complexity of the case, Fedorowicz Law’s deep understanding of Internet laws makes him capable of addressing any issue you may have. If you need help defending yourself against Internet crime charges, feel free to contact Fedorowicz Law for legal guidance and support.

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FAQs on Internet Crime Lawyer Oshawa 

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer in Ontario?

The cost may depend on various factors to hire a lawyer.. Fees are thoroughly explained during a complimentary initial consultation, which we offer by appointment.

Based on the type and seriousness of the charge, an experienced criminal defence lawyer knows how long a case will take on average, including the specific steps involved.

What Is An Internet-Related Charge?

Internet-related crimes are one of the fastest-expanding areas of law. Offences include fraud, impersonation, child pornography, harassment and child luring.

Is Cyberbullying A Crime?

Yes. Just like bullying and harassment are crimes, the same goes for the cyber/internet versions of them. According to the Criminal Code, cyberbullying can extend to the following charges:

  • Identity Theft
  • Unauthorised use of a computer
  • Mischief concerning data
  • Criminal harassment
  • Sharing intimate images without consent
  • Counselling suicide
  • Defamatory Libel
  • Extortion
  • Intimidation
  • Public incitement of hatred
  • Uttering threats

What Are The Potential Defences For Internet-Related Charges?

Law enforcement agencies routinely patrol the internet and related mediums for criminal activity. They conduct anything from undercover operations to the technical analysis of computer data. In many cases, they will obtain search warrants and/or production orders to seize information from your computer or other technological devices. Fedorowicz Law has years of experience identifying problems with investigations against you and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We also will assess if any warrants or orders were obtained in violation of your Charter rights.

What Are The Potential Penalties For Internet-Related Charges?

The Criminal Code of Canada has three different types of criminal offences: summary conviction offences, indictable offences, and hybrid offences.

Most internet-related crimes fall into the hybrid category, where the Crown will decide if the crime will be tried as a summary conviction or indictable offence. Due to the wide variety of crimes, it is difficult, if not impossible, to give an estimate of punishment, as it strongly depends on the kind and severity of the crime. Sentences can range from monetary fines to imprisonment for life.


Richard is a jack of all trades in fighting criminal cases. That’s why our firm provides defense for all charges in Hamilton, including:

domestic assault
impaired driving

Did you cause an accident due to impaired driving, and now you have a court hearing coming soon? Don’t panic. Call Richard, and he will get all charges dropped. He’ll review the evidence with you one-on-one, identify faults, and craft a strategy to win your case in the first hearing.


Are you being arraigned in court for firearm assault? You need a lawyer who understands the ins and outs of this hard-to-maneuver area to defend your rights and win your case. Luckily, Richard has over 20 years of experience dealing with firearm assault charges and is ready to fight your case today. Call (249) 266-4222, and you’ll get help on the spot!

criminal organization

Are you accused of running a criminal organization in Oshawa or the GTA? We know how complex and daunting a case like this can be? You risk losing everything you hold dear, doing a long term in jail, and tarnishing your reputation. That’s why you need an experienced criminal lawyer like Richard to defend your rights and make sure you walk away free of charges.

drug offenses

Are you an alleged drug kingpin, drug dealer, or abuser? No matter what drug charges you’re facing, Richard has over 20 years of experience fighting drug cases and winning them. A drug charge is not something to try your luck with, in court. You face doing a long time or paying huge bails, and therefore, you need a lawyer who knows what they are doing. Richard is a perfect example. Call him anytime, 24/7, to defend you on drug offence charges.

sexual assault

Whether you’re accused of rape or criminal sexual penetration, you need a lawyer who understands the intensity of sexual assault criminal charges. A conviction can mean at least 10 years in jail or worse. If you don’t want to be disconnected from your normal life for at least 10 years, call Richard to fight your case like a pro and win. Our methods are not trial and error; we guarantee results in the least period possible.

internet offenses

Cybercrime is among the most serious offenses you can be charged with. If you put the wrong foot forward, you face a long time in prison or worse. Therefore, If you’re facing any internet charges in court, you need an experienced attorney in that area to help you out. Who else but Richard, who has over 20 years of experience in the field and has won countless cyber-crime cases? Call Richard anytime, 24/7, for speedy help!

robbery & violent crime

To say the least, this is a very serious accusation, and you face years in jail or worse. The good thing is Richard has been representing defendants with robbery and violence charges since 2001 and can guarantee a win for you. What are you waiting for? It’s not going to get better than this. Call Richard at (249) 266-4222 and expect to be free of these charges sooner than later.


If you’re facing any of these criminal charges, call Richard for help!

  • Youth charges
  • Fraud/financial crime
  • Theft/shoplifting
  • Administration of justice crimes
  • Bail hearing
  • Extradition
  • Fail to remain accident
  • Drink and drive
  • Refuse breath test
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