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Fraud & Financial Crime Allegations

Allegations of fraud or financial crime can arise in a variety of situations. The parties involved can include complete strangers, business associates, or even family members. In this day, not surprisingly, the internet or banking system is often the means by which the police allege the offence was committed. Common charges include

  • Fraud Over $5000
  • Uttering Forged Documents
  • Impersonation
  • Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

Richard has successfully acted for individuals charged with fraud related offences since 2001, including first time defendants, professionals, students, and youth. In certain circumstances, Richard can negotiate with the prosecutor a result that leaves no criminal record or a complete withdrawal of the charges.

Allegation of financial impropriety often involve complex legal issues. Your representative should have a firm understanding of the law of evidence (especially involving the admissibility of hearsay evidence); the legal principles that govern conspiracy; and, can identify police constitutional violations that can lead to a dismissal of the case.

Winning Strategies & Defences

If the matter goes to trial, Richard has a long history of identifying winning strategies and defences, including:

  • Has the Crown established identity?
  • What is the evidence of intent?
  • Has the Crown complied with the rules that govern the admissibility of the evidence?
  • If items were seized via a search warrant, did the police violate your constitutional rights?

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Richard acts for individuals facing fraud charges in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oshawa, Barrie, Hamilton, Newmarket and throughout Southern Ontario.

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