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Domestic Assault Accusations

Being accused of domestic assault is an agonizing and overwhelming experience. Not only are you arrested by the police based on the mere say so of your partner, you then face the trauma of being placed on restrictive bail conditions that keep you separated from your home and loved ones. At court, you are faced with specialized Crowns whose only focus is prosecuting persons charged with domestic assault.

That is why when faced with domestic allegations, you need an experienced domestic assault lawyer on your side, who knows the law, strategies and tactics necessary to defend your rights.

Richard has successfully defended clients charged with domestic assault from all walks of life since 2001, including persons charged for the first time and professionals.

In certain circumstances, Richard can negotiate a resolution with the Crown that involves no criminal record or even a complete withdrawal of the charges.

In respect to bail, he can speak to the prosecutor or, if necessary, make an application to the court to remove restrictive bail conditions.

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Richard acts for individuals facing domestic assault charges in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oshawa, Barrie, Hamilton, Newmarket and throughout Southern Ontario.

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