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Criminal Code

The Criminal Code offences related to a criminal organizations are very serious:

  • Charges include “participating” (467.11), “committing an offence for” (467.12) and, the most serious, “instructing” a person to commit an offence for a criminal organization (467.13)
  • In respect to bail, anyone charged with a criminal organization offence will be in a “reverse onus” situation, even if they have no record. Meaning the person charged has to establish a basis for release, not the prosecutor.
  • The result of a conviction will include a criminal record, and, in most cases, a jail sentence.

In addition, governments have invested extensive resources and millions of dollars to investigate and prosecute criminal organization offences. Many police forces, including the Toronto Police Service and OPP, have units whose sole focus is to investigate gangs. In Ontario, those charged with criminal organization offences face Crown Attorneys who specialize in prosecuting these offences.

It is therefore essential that anyone facing these charges is represented by a criminal organization lawyer who has specific expertise in this complex area of the law.

Richard has extensive experience acting for individuals and their families charged with criminal organization offences. He has acted for clients charged in police projects cases, including, “XXX”, “Sizzle”, “CBG”, “Patton”, and “Renner”.

Winning Strategies & Defences

If the matter goes to trial, Richard has the necessary experience to identify winning strategies and defences, including:

  • If the investigation involved the interception of private communication (a “wiretap”), filing constitutional applications to contest the validity of the authorization.
  • Successfully contesting the existence of a criminal organization.
  • Pointing to the lack of evidence that you had any knowledge of a criminal organization.
  • If items were seized from a home or business via a search warrant, contesting their admissibility pursuant to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

To say the least, this is a very complex area of the law. You likely have many questions.

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Richard acts for individuals facing criminal organization charges in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oshawa, Barrie, Hamilton, Newmarket and throughout Southern Ontario.

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