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Criminal law

Have you been charged with a serious offence? These indictable and summary offences need to be handled by proper representation. Richard Fedorowicz is the lawyer to turn to when dealing with the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice in the Milton area. He also serves the Halton region and continuously reaches out to clients in the southern Ontario region.

Going with a criminal defense lawyer like Richard Fedorowicz, who has over 20 years of experience, may help you fight in a court of law. This experience has carried over in use as a criminal defense attorney. He’s fearlessly represented clients who’ve been charged the most serious of offences, giving every case the attention and commitment needed to fight back.

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Those stuck with a criminal record in Canada may find it difficult to keep or obtain employment. Pursuing advanced education or becoming a Canadian citizen may be off the table. Traveling abroad can be restricted. Because living as a convict can be so difficult, a person charged with a serious offense should take pursuit and hire an appropriate attorney before their first court appearance. It’s important not to be bullied into pleading guilty without the proper legal advice to advance. Many feel the need to just get it over with without understanding the implications later when they’re left with a serious criminal record.

When proper negotiation is put in place, along with a successful criminal defense that is highly researched, a lot of the cases given to us by clients can be resolved through careful preparation and research. Some cases can even be dismissed by the crown through litigation processes that happen behind the scenes. If not, it can result in fairer sentencing of the accused after trial. Sometimes a client is left without a criminal record. Richard and his assistants are experts at helping you move forward in the process.

At Fedorowicz Law, we offer free consultations so that you can find out exactly how our services work and if they would be right for you. Choosing the best criminal defense lawyer could make the difference between being convicted or having charges dropped completely. Call us today for more information about our law firm!

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