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How do I bail someone out? 12 Questions Answered

A surety is someone approved by the court to supervise an accused in the community pending the resolution of their criminal charges.

5 Keys to a Successful Bail Hearing

Be prepared, plan and know the plan of release, ask questions before the hearing, tips surety while testifying testimony, and don't rush!

The Firearm Bail Hearing

While the right to be released on bail applies to all criminal charges (meaning no offence, no matter how serious, is excluded), the practical reality is that being released on bail is much more difficult when you are facing firearm related charges.

The Modern Bail Hearing: 6 Things to Know

As with all aspects of our lives, the COVID-19 pandemic as has impacted how the way the court system operates.

Bail Hearing Law: The Basics

A person charged with a criminal offence, who is not released from the police station, will be brought to court for a bail hearing.

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