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If you are under investigation, or a friend or family member has been arrested, it is essential that you speak to a bail hearing lawyer as soon as possible.

The outcome of the bail hearing can mean the difference between enjoying your freedom or remaining in custody pending the hearing of your case.

Richard Fedorowicz is a Toronto defence lawyer who is available to represent clients at bail hearings facing all criminal charges.

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Some may consider bail hearings as routine procedures. I do not. The stakes are too high: the liberty of my client. As a result, I treat them seriously and prepare thoroughly. I will interview family and friends to identify a suitable surety and design the right plan of release.

My goal is one: to achieve the release of my client at the earliest opportunity and on the most reasonable terms.

Bail Hearings Are a Crucial Step

Obtaining bail is one of the most important steps in successfully defending a criminal charge.

Moreover, due to the backlog of cases in the court system, those who are denied bail face the prospect of spending months in custody between arrest and trial.


In Ontario it can take up to a year or longer to go to trial. As result, those who are refused bail and remain in custody are faced with an agonizing decision: do I plead guilty to obtain my freedom or remain in custody and fight the charge? And the consequences of a pleading guilty can be significant, including a criminal record, which will undermine your ability to find employment job and travel outside the country.


It is therefore essential to have an experienced criminal lawyer on your side, who will fight for your immediate release from custody.

How to get bail for criminal charges?

Bail is available for any criminal offence. However, it is more difficult obtain bail for certain offences that are treated more seriously by the courts and Crown attorney, such as those involving criminal organizations and firearms. An experienced criminal defence lawyer can increase your chances at securing your release, or that of a family member or friend.

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